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  • Original EM recipe
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EM Hado sources are also known as EM SEIRYU sources or EM Graviton sources.
With the EM Hado energy rectifying source you can set up a barriere with EM Hado sources in an environment to create a rectifying energy field which will cause a wide variety of beneficial effects to the enclosed area and the elements within this area. The effects of this rectifying field start to radiate outward to the environment outside the barriere at a growing rate as long as this barrier is maintained and cared for.

The effects of the EM SEIRYU system

When implementing the EM hado rectyfying barrier, one of the first things which can be noticed is a silence and tranquility, which can be felt and experienced within the field. This is a peace and quiet that seems to have a direct and permanent effect on the body.
Teruo Higa, discoverer of EM and researcher of the EM Hado barriers says that this system has the following rectifying/antioxidant and non-ionizing effects:

Outdoor effects:

  • stable growth of plants/vegetables
  • abundant fruit development
  • increase/improvement of your harvest
  • limit breakthrough effect can be realised: plants and vegetables perform outside of their normal limits (eg. unusual high yield, longer seasons, etc.)
  • no need to use pesticides
  • damage from wild animals (birds, cattle) decreases
  • improves air quality. Particulate matter content remains low. It’s like breathing pure and clean air.
    the damage from tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, lightning is minimal or stays completely away within the barrier
  • the rain that falls within such a barrier has an antioxidant effect; this rain removes rust from vehicles, equipment and buildings; cars that were previously dirty are washed clean
  • the non-ionizing effect of the barrier converts harmful energies into (harmless) useful energies. This significantly reduces the harmful effect of UV light.

Indoor effects

The EM Hado system can also be used indoors, the effects that can then be observed include:

  • electrostress by electromagnetic radiation is less (this is clearly noticeable in the nerves)
  • there can be a lasting silence that was not there before
  • cleaner air can be noticed
  • the quality of light in the house can be experienced differently
  • use in the bedroom can provide quieter and more rested sleep

What does EM Hado mean?

Before embarking on the EM Hado journey, we would like to clarify some terminology which will loosely be used on the different pages of this website. So you will have a more clear picture on the principle surrounding the EM Hado system. If you are not yet acquainted with Effective Microorganisms (EM) it is recommended that you read the page EM, an introduction first. This page you will find here.

The meaning and related terminology

EM SEIRYU is chosen as a name because the word itself could not be translated properly from Japanese. If you would translate EM SEIRYU literally it would mean EM Energy. But this is not just energy, it is energy which is connected with the Japanese term Kekkai, a Buddhist term used to describe a spiritual or magical force field used to ward off evil spirits.
By setting up a EM SEIRYU system, you are setting up a barrier with the aid of EM and materials made with EM to build a forcefield which will have a beneficial and protective effect on all elements and forms within the barrier, where no disharmony is able to enter.

Hado, another term associated with the effect EM, is a principle which also does not let itself translate easily. The literal translation from Japanese is  ‘wave’ or ’move’. Masuro Emoto has described it as: “the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness”.
All things have their own hado field, their own vibrational pattern which can be influenced by consciousness. The famous photos by Masuro Emoto, showing the effect of good words versus bad words on the water crystal show the effects the quality of a vibration has on it’s surroundings. In relation to EM you could say that EM has a harmonising, regenerative Hado. Hado which creates a harmonising effect (a higher vibration). In the world of Hado and energy the rule is that the higher vibration always elevates the lower vibrations to their level. In other words the vibrations closer to the the intrinsic and original vibration will have a stronger resonating and transformative effect on its surroundings, releasing the clutter hiding this original vibration from the resonating element.
The effects of EM are therefore also related to the mindset and consciousness of the person making the EM and the handling, application and caretaking of EM.
The harmonising agents, mixtures used in the EM SEIRYU system, are also known als EM Hado sources. Teruo Higa, also does measurements in Hado, the higher the score, the higher the Hado.

Before the term EM SEIRYU, Teruo Higa has used the word EM Graviton system. The word Graviton is a more technical word which has it’s roots in quantum physics. Higa strongly believes the transformative, coherence effects of EM are caused by gravitational waves or gravitons which EM emits. Gravitons seem to lie at the base of matter and are metaphysically related to the principle of Love.

How to make a EM rectifying energy field

  • EM Hado source (PET-bottle) – 1 per 500m2
  • Rope – to enclose the area (as shown in the image below)
  • Sticks/poles – to put in the corners of the area you want to affect

Setup guidelines from Prof. Higa:

  1. You tie the EM Hado source at a height of 100-150cm with strong rope.
  2. At the corners of the area you want to restore/affect with the EM Hado source, place sticks/poles to tie the ropes to and enclose the area (see also the image beneath). For optimal operation it is important that it is a closed circuit. You also see daughter ropes that you tie with the motherrope. Run the daughter ropes along the tops of the plants or plant in the center of the rows. From one side to the other.
  3. For an area of ​​500m2, 1 EM Hado source is sufficient.
  4. For an area of ​​1000m2, use 2 EM Hado sources that are diagonally opposite each other.
  5. If the area is even bigger, use at least EM Hado sourcein all 4 of those corners. We have used it on a 2 hectare piece of land and used 46 EM hado source around the perimeter.
  6. The more EM Hado resources, the greater the effect.
An image explaining the EM SEIRYU energy rectifying barrier (whole line: mother rope, dotted line: daughter rope):

Maintenance and caretaking

The effect of EM is maintained and enhanced by regular caretaking. By following the practices below an enhanced rectifycing effect can be reached:

  • regular spraying of EMAS (EM activated with 3,45% seasalt) along the border barriere boundary, this can be seasonal or monthly. Higa has noticed that a regular quantitative dosing of EM has a more profound effect than 1 time application. He calls this the Baker Transformation effect, based on the regular kneading of dough over a longer period of time creates the desired effect for a good bread. A transformation on micro-level takes place through this action. He noticed that this same principle applies to the use and implementation of EM.
  • If EM Hado sources have been used, these can be sprayed with a solution of EM-X Gold during these cyclical maintenance phases

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