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World of EM

World of EM, a project of passion

It all began in 2004 when I was offered a job with an NGO in India to introduce Effective Microorganisms (EM) on a 330-acre cashew and lime farm near Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, South India. Although I wasn’t entirely sure what the offer entailed, I gladly accepted.

My initial exposure and education in EM took place in Auroville on a cashew farm, where EM was used in combination with Biodynamic Farming. Here, I became acquainted with the workings of EM in farm practice, and I also started brewing advanced EM brews as per Vinny Pinto’s instructions. Gradually, the magic of EM microorganisms captivated me, and I firsthand experienced the remarkable capabilities of these critters: preventing food poisoning, increasing yields of peppers and limes within a single season, producing healthier fruits in the same timeframe, keeping flies at bay, maintaining the health of animals (while non-EM animals were falling sick), waste management, composting through fermentation, deodorising smelly waste, and much more.

After a few years in India, I returned to the Netherlands, my home country. Here, I continued my work and studies with EM, working for an online EM shop and assisting the Dutch EM Association.

Throughout these years, I closely followed the findings of Teruo Higa, the father and discoverer of EM. I realized that the effects of EM were consistently more profound than I could have imagined. In 2017 I read about Higa’s experiments on Hado fields (also known as EM rectifying energy fields or EM SEIRYU fields) and the incredible effects they had, I became increasingly convinced that this natural biological technology is an amazing aid in the recovery and unveiling of the true original potential of all life.

As of 2022, having relocated to Portugal, I remain dedicated to promoting the spread of EM information and products in this southern region of Europe and have therefor setup this webshop.