How to Holiday in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that I had never heard of, let alone thought about going to!  I love to visit new places and stumbled across Montenegro when looking for a cheap, beachy holiday location. Lying on the Adriatic coast, its stunning natural scenery makes for a wonderful holiday. Clear waters, towering mountains and incredible views are some of the many things Montenegro has to offer.

Where to stay?

Due to its mountainous landscape most villas and hotels provide wondrous views. I would definitely recommend an ocean-facing property as Montenegrin sunsets are incredible! From driving up and down the coast, I found that the southern half of the coast seems less maintained and a bit more tired than the northern coast. Quaint fishing villages and tourist towns lie along the northern coastline, and there are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from. I stayed in a villa called Villa Vita Elite on the mountainside above Rezevici. It was a spacious villa with astounding views from the balcony and three amazing pools. I would highly recommend this location, especially if you are hiring a car. The neighbouring towns of Petrovac and Budva provide ample amenities such as restaurants bars and shops, as well as beaches and numerous activities.

View from Villa Vita Elite

Where to go?

Exploring Montenegro was a thrilling experience that led to many wonderful discoveries of tiny villages, secluded beaches and incredible viewpoints – especially on the Lustica Peninsula. The Montenegrin coast is only 293km long, so it is easy enough to venture wherever you like. The mountainside roads cater for amazing views overlooking the ocean. There are many beautiful beaches, some sandy, some stone. Though some can be quite challenging to find, due to tiny roads on steep hills and poor signage. However, the ones that are harder to find are often the less-crowded hidden gems. The top three beaches that I visited and would highly recommend are; Kamenovo, Mogren and Sveti Stefan. Trust me they will not disappoint!

View of Sveti Stefan

Top 8 places to visit: (in no particular order)

  1. Lake skadar – Area of astounding natural beauty lying beneath the mountains.
  2. Budva – Bustling tourist town with beaches, bars, a medieval old town and much much more.
  3. Sveti stefan – Exclusive island for the rich and famous, beautiful location with stunning beaches.
  4. Petrovac – Lovely coastal town with fabulous restaurants.
  5. Kotor – Beautiful fortified town located in the Gulf of Kotor.
  6. Rose – Charming remote fishing village on Kotor Bay.
  7. Porto Montenegro (Tivat) – Modern and chic architecture, Super Yachts and a buzzing atmosphere.
  8. Lustica Peninsula – Beautiful secluded bays and sparkling waters.


Thank you for reading,

I hope your holiday in Montenegro is just as magical as mine was.




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