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Effective Micro-organisms

EM, an Earth Saving Revolution, has the capacity to naturally regenerate, revive, order, optimise and harmonise any environment, such as small and big organic gardens, agricultural land, regenerative practices, cleaning in the house, reviving waterbodies, EMT sensitivity, human waste and wastewater-management and much more…

a full spectrum holistic solution

Effective Micro-organisms

EM, the abbreviation of Effective Microorganisms, is a mixture of regenerative microorganisms that are naturally occuring in nature. EM has harmonizing, immune system strengthening, regenerative, syntropic and antioxidative properties. In a natural way it can create a healthy and balanced ecosystem wherever it is used, on macro- or micro-level. Due to these positive properties, the applications of EM are seemingly endless, to name a few: a better and healthier harvest (both vegetable garden and larger scale agriculture), optimal plant health, optimal soil health, for animal health, for human health, environmental health!

Optimizes the self-healing capacity of the body

EM-X Gold

EM-X-Gold  is a new type of fermented health drink based on compounds produced by beneficial microbes. It nurtures peoples well-being because:

  • It is rich in beneficial substances: EM-X-Gold  is made by maximizing the leavening ability of beneficial microbes and is filled with beneficial substances such as antioxidants.
  • It has a great variety of active components: Fermentation is a natural process of the microbes. Metabolites produced from that process are diverse, with several hundred beneficial components.
  • Low Molecular Weights: The molecular weights of the substances  in EM-X-Gold are all very light. Therefore, they can be absorbed directly by digestive organs and effectively penetrate your body.

EM Seiryu syntropic energy system

Rectifying EM harmony fields

The EM Seiryu is an energy rectifying and harmonizing system based on the syntropic, regenerative and coherence regulating effects of EM (Effective Micro-organisms). With the EM SEIRYU (also EM Hado) system any ecosystem – big or small – can in a natural way be converted into a healthy and balanced environment where disease, disharmony, and incoherence can’t easily thrive. These effects can be seen, noticed and experienced on the physical, life (energy) and the more subtle energy level within the system.